Loosen Up for Summer Painting

Gain confidence to leave expressive brush strokes on the painted surface through a series of exercises designed to relax the control grip and let those lovely painting mistakes give us the gifts they are waiting to give. Over the two-week workshop, students will work on a series of exercises, working directly and quickly on 11x14 grounds, to learn techniques such as palette knife work, using large brushes, and especially, wet on wet application. Subject matter will be very simple in order to put the focus on the brushwork, not the subject. Expect to learn how to handle wet-on-wet brushwork. For any level of skill and especially those who would like expand their painting skills.

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Fridays, 9:30AM to 12:30PM June 2 and 9 (2 Meetings) Location: Citizens' Hall, Stockbridge
Painting and Drawing
Yura Adams
First Lesson
Fri, Jun 2 2017