Art Aviary

Explore birds with us this week! These feathered, flying, seemingly free creatures have been on the planet more than 150 million years, and are a source of inspiration for art, myths, and even music. We'll get to know birds better through multiple projects, such as sculpting a bird out of clay, making art with natural feather brushes, and creating kinetic art inspired by the movement of wings. We will create 2D responses to famous mythologies and stories featuring birds, such as the Mayan creator god Quetzal or the WW2 Fighter Pigeons. Each day we will build onto our coil birdhouse, constructing a workable, outdoor base for our feathered friends.

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Full Day Camp August 21-25,M-F 9:30AM-3:30PM at Eclipse Mill, North Adams
Summer Camp North County
Erica Manville, Gail Sellers
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Mon, Aug 21 2017