Subversive Art

Art in many forms is used as a means for activism. Billboard photographs, street art, propaganda posters, guerilla art, political cartoons, or fiber installations can mix the familiar with the unexpected, the funny with the unsettling, and make us think about ourselves and our world in new ways. We’ll learn to use stencils and wheatpaste to create layers of meaning and ceramics to say what’s on our minds. We will look at modern and contemporary artists like J. Howard Miller, Binh Danh or Will Coles, who blend multiple approaches, from pop art to conceptual, as we create truly original, personal pieces.

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Lesson Info
Full Day Camp August 7-11, M-F 9:30AM-3:30PM at Citizens' Hall, Stockbridge
Summer Camp (Ages 11-14)
Lucie Castaldo, Peter Long
First Lesson
Mon, Aug 7 2017