Slipcasting and Moldmaking

Slipcasting is a process for making pottery by pouring liquid clay into a mold to create a form. Shapes not easily made on the wheel are perfect for slipcasting. In this class students will learn moldmaking and slipcasting to create unique pottery in multiples. One and two-part molds will be taught as well as press molds. Students will create prototypes out of clay, wood/cardboard, or found objects. Includes access to open studio time for duration of class.

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Fridays, 9:30 to 12:30PM March 23 to April 27 (5 Meetings, no class April 20) Location: Citizens’ Hall, Stockbridge Plus $40 Materials and Studio fee (includes 25 Lbs. of clay plus glazes/firing)
Ben Evans
First Lesson
Fri, Mar 23 2018