Photography: Why Film?

Explore the wonderful world of film! How it works, it’s structure, and the types of film available. Learn how to use film, load film and create some images with one roll of B&W and color film per student (price of the film and processing included in materials fees). Learn how to process and print from negatives in our "faux darkroom". Thad guarantees you will stop “chimping” almost immediately! A limited number of film cameras will on hand for you to use, if you have a 35mm or 120mm film camera bring it with you. Prior notice is needed if you will be using a 120/220 film stock.

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Fridays, 1–4pm; August 2 to 23 (4 Meetings); Old Town Hall, 9 Main Street, West Stockbridge
Thad Kubis
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Fri, Aug 2 2019