Comics and Zines

This week is a full immersion into graphic novels, zines, and other really amazing approaches to telling visual stories! Enter the zone of page-turning excitement as we read and develop stories and characters, and then draw, write, stamp and design our own mini-books, comics and self-published zines- in paper and in clay. Through it all we will sharpen our paper-folding skills and create slipcovers to hold our special editions, sharing them with each other and with families. **Early Drop-Off and Late Pick-Up are available to extend the day from 8:30AM to 4:30PM. $35/week for either morning or afternoon, $65/week for both.

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Lesson Info
Monday through Friday, June 18-22 9:30am to 3:30pm, Montessori School of the Berkshires, Lenox Dale
Summer Camp (Ages 8-10)
Joey Chernila
First Lesson
Mon, Jun 18 2018

Campers at this age love to broaden their use of materials, sustain projects over multiple days, and work creatively together. We encourage this age to view challenges as opportunities and “mistakes” as open doors, and to develop ideas and projects from their mix of rational and imaginative energy. More critical reflection is encouraged, while play still remains essential!

What does the week look like?
  • Each camp has one lead artist-teacher and one assistant, as well as one visiting artist- usually in clay- on Tuesday and Wednesday mornings
  • The day is split into morning and afternoon exploration units. Outside discovery is included throughout the day
  • Break for lunch and outdoor free play is between 12-1
  • The week concludes with an art show with family and friends