The Picture Book: from Concept to Proprosal

This workshop will offer an overview of the art of the picture book and how it evolves from idea to marketing to publication. Using diverse modern and contemporary examples, we will look at how the picture book elevates the image in a narrative and conveys meaning with a small number of words. We will then work on creating our own book as we explore the interplay of text and image using our own writing or existing text. You will work on a “dummy book", the standard form presented to publishers. This class is ideal for beginners with a story to share, experienced artists interested in picture books, and anyone wanting to dig deeper into visual storytelling and publication.

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Saturday and Sunday, 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM October 20 and 21 (2Meetings) Location: Citizens’ Hall, Stockbridge
Writing and Graphic Storytelling
Adam Gudeon
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Sun, Oct 21 2018