Meet The Artist Lecture Series

We invite you to attend as ceramics faculty share their work and process over wine and nibbles. Pre-registration is encouraged. Call Peter at 298-5252 x100.
Suggested donation of $10.

Thursdays from 6 to 8PM

June 15 Current Work: Ben Evans
Ben Evans will discuss his recent work, which focuses on geometry and structure in architectural themes. He works primarily on the wheel and then uses surface treatments and manipulation of clay forms to rethink the entire 360 view of the piece. Ben will bring in examples and walk the audience through some of his process.

July 20 Terra Sigilatta and the Smoke Fired Pot: Paula Shalan
A faculty artist with IS183 for 20 years, Paula Shalan's ceramic pieces are hand built from white earthenware, and then brushed with terra sigilatta (a fine clay slip) before being fired in hardwood shavings. She will share with us some of her process, her attention to the surface and perception of light on her pieces, as well as more generally how her interest in nature becomes imbued in her work.