Great things happen when you get out.

Six-Word Memoirs on Love and Heartbreak
February 9
Instructor: Lara Tupper
Member Tuition: $35
Not Yet Member Tuition: $40
Less is more, as they say. Perhaps this is why Ernest Hemingway once wrote a story in just six words and called it his best work. In this light-hearted workshop we’ll look at tales from the popular Six-Word Memoirs series and compose our own. Warning: this writing practice is highly addictive! More artful than a tweet; less complicated than a sonnet. In honor of St. Valentine. ANO01W18

Collagraph What?!
March 9
Instructor: Lucie Castaldo
Member Tuition: $35
Not Yet Member Tuition: $40
Plus $10 Materials Fee
Come make unique prints made from everyday materials! The collagraph process creates print from textures that have been collaged on a rigid base. It is incredibly accessible, fast, and is a super introduction to the larger world of printmaking. ANO02W18

Painting with Light
April 13
Instructor: Thad Kubis
Member Tuition: $35
Not Yet Member Tuition: $ 40
Top off this week with a new creative outlet: Painting with Light! We will make photographic images where streaks of light create forms of their own, recognizable or not- depending on your creative wishes. We will illuminate spaces indoors during long exposures, exploring moving the light source or the camera to get different effects. Any camera welcome, including smart phones and tablets. Come play and learn more about light- and your camera! ANO01SP18

Make a Mark
May 11
Instructor: Paul Chojnowski
Member Tuition: $35
Not Yet Member Tuition: $40
Let’s create some spontaneous drawings! We’ll experiment with wacky, relaxed approaches that will produce loose and unusual results- imagine drawing using your hands dipped in powdered charcoal, or with ink attached at the end of a 3 foot long stick. We will laugh, discover, and share together the magic of the medium! ANO02SP18