Learning Through Arts

IS183 Art School's "Learning Through Arts" (LTA) program is an approach to arts integration that makes connections across multiple, rigorous disciplines while teaching conflict resolution and social emotional skills. LTA students have the freedom to experiment with advanced art techniques and mediums, create unique work, and find their voice, while reinforcing academic curriculum goals.

LTA uses the hands-on process of art-making to engage K-12 public school students in problem solving, creativity, experimentation, and collaboration. From a first class of 15 fifth graders studying American History through Ceramics in Fall, 2007 the program has grown to serve more than 1,250 children a year in up to 15 area schools, after-school, in-school and during the summer.

LTA provides students with an enriching opportunity that reflects and contributes to the cultural landscape of the Berkshires. Students gain creative, cognitive, and social-emotional skills that continue to resonate long after they have left the program, encouraging them to engage fully in community life.

Learning Through Arts is supported by: