There is no community partner I could support with more genuine gusto… I am very, very grateful that our school system has IS183 to help our children learn and grow.

Jason McCandless, Pittsfield Superintendent of Schools

When my daughter introduces herself she says, “Hi! I’m 6 years old and I’m an artist!” She has turned her room into a “museum” of her artwork and created a mural, even though we only rent.

LTA Parent

Over the course of several years and hundreds of hours of program time, IS183 has become a sanctuary for many children from VERY difficult home circumstances. Engaging children, teaching them problem solving skills and helping them find ways to succeed is the cornerstone of Pittsfield’s partnership with the art school.

Joseph Curtis, Deputy Superintendent, Pittsfield Public Schools

IS183’s LTA program has been a success; we’ve seen significant and measurable academic and social improvement in LTA students. For instance, a student who had poor attendance began coming to school regularly so that she could attend the IS183 program. She learned concentration skills and in turn, those skills helped to improve her academic performance. We look forward to seeing students benefit from this innovative arts enrichment program and transfer their skills to the school-day classroom.

Liz Baker, Pittsfield Public Schools

The interplay of art and science in the IS183 exhibit, “Anatemnō: I cut up, cut open,” provided a perfect extension to the interdisciplinary studies of students at The Montessori School of the Berkshires. Our young artists and scholars found inspiration and insight as they explored the exhibit with the artist and IS183 guide. We look forward to discovering in the future with IS183!

Meagan Ledendecker, Director of Education, The Montessori School of the Berkshires