The Need

Research clearly shows that high quality after-school programs like Learning Through Arts can have a profound impact on the lives of participants. In a review of over 50 studies of after-school programs conducted by The Afterschool Alliance quality after-school programs improved:

  • school attendance;
  • engagement in learning;
  • test scores; and
  • grades.

Further, the study authors noted that “frequency and duration of after-school participation increases benefits; and high-risk youth show the greatest benefits.” Accordingly, IS183’s goal is to both increase the number of students we reach and the amount of time that those students spend in the LTA program, with the most significant presence with high-risk students in all Level 3 schools in Berkshire County.

LTA's project-based arts curricula reaches children who might not thrive in a typical classroom setting, consistent with an Americans for the Arts report which found that the arts:

  • reach students who might otherwise slip through the cracks;
  • reach students who have different learning styles;
  • create a feeling of connection and cooperation between students; and
  • turn schools into exciting places for learning and discovery.

The LTA classroom is a “no right answers” environment. IS183’s LTA curricula and Teaching Institute teacher training program are designed to provide teachers with the tools they need to teach to a variety of learning styles and skill levels in the same classroom. With small student teacher ratios and extended contact time, LTA students are encouraged to meet their full potential.